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Undeniable Bonds (Hidden Wolves 6) by Kaje Harper

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-March-2024

Book Blurb

Some bonds are strong enough to last a lifetime, and change the world.

Rory O'Sullivan has spent his life alone. Once upon a time, he made one real human connection as a gay man. That moment happened in Nazi captivity, and the wolf he escaped with was a Soviet soldier. They had a taste of what love might mean, but in 1944, personal happiness had to come second to survival.

Now, seventy years later, when he feels the presence of Nikolai, somehow close and needing him after all that time, no one— not gay Alpha Aaron of the Minneapolis West pack, or rising political threats, or even top Alpha Rick Brown himself— will stop him. Rory's going to answer the appeal he's waited a lifetime for. Some bonds can't be denied.


Book Review

The world of ‘Hidden Wolves’ by Kaje Harper is heating up, and I don’t just mean between long lost lovers. Oh no, the American political system is being challenged for equal rights for human wolves now that Alex and Dylan inadvertently, and accidentally, outed all the wolves a couple of months ago. The American Alpha, Rick, is hard at work so that the upcoming Rights for All march and subsequent congressional hearings go in favor of the wolves. However, as usual, Aaron and his Minnesota West pack get caught up in the suspense and thrills much to their dismay.


Rory is a lone wolf that Rick asks Aaron to try to assimilate into either his pack, or help Rory find a different pack if he so chooses. Seems a simple enough task. Except that Rory has been alone for so long, and he has severe PTSD from serving in World War Two. He often struggles with memories versus reality, and what should have been simple becomes anything but. Throw in the fact that while Aaron and his pack are trying to keep Rory calm and stable, the bond Rory shares with Nikolai all of a suddenly flares to life. A bond which has been dormant for sixty-seven years.


He wanted away from here. Away from the bars and locks and the wolf and human who didn’t seem to know the first, fundamental rules of pack. He’d lived by those rules for ninety years. They’d helped him and healed him and boxed him in and nearly killed him. He knew the horror that came from breaking those rules. He didn’t want to witness it again.” ~ Rory


Nikolai and Rory met as prisoners in a Nazi camp and they were tortured, starved, experimented on until they were able to escape. Keep in mind that in 1944 the wolf rules still meant death to a gay werewolf and there certainly weren’t any mated gay wolves. Somehow though these two men created a mate bond and when they had to go their separate ways, Nikolai swore he would come to America once he was able. Rory has been waiting a long time and when they finally reunite, it’s not all hearts and flowers. It also cumulates in a race to figure out who is framing wolves by killing humans involved in the march and political scene. 


Rory’s blue eyes swam with tears, but they didn’t fall. Nikolai’s chest was so tight it was a wonder he could breathe. Over the bond, decades of loss and solitude echoed with a deeper hurt, of trust broken. I did that. I left him waiting. I should’ve known he’d keep the faith, even when I had none.” ~ Nikolai


As usual the author has given me a thrilling and suspenseful tale, a romance for the ages, and glimpses into my favorite characters’ lives. I adored the way everything came together in the political limelight without being unrealistic or forced. The ‘Hidden Wolves’ remains one of my all-time favorites and it’s because of stories like this one that keep me rereading and coming back. Thank you, Kaje, I loved every exciting moment!




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 346 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-June-2021
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