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Teacup Promises by Glenn Quigley at Spectrum Books

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Romance / Drama
Reviewed by Barb on 16-March-2024

Book Blurb

Andrew Peacock is turning forty, sleeping with an older, straight, married man, and tired of the lies. So what better time to drag everything into the open than at a party for his lover’s wedding anniversary?

Told across six instalments, three decades, and one pandemic Teacup Promises charts the key moments in the relationships of Andrew, his boyfriend Jack, Jack’s wife Harriet, and Harriet’s lover, Stephen.


Book Review

‘Teacup Promises’ is an exceptional, character-driven contemporary novel featuring multiple relationship dynamics—principally a marriage between Jack and Harriet Jarden, and an affair between Jack and a younger man, Andrew. From the first few pages, readers become immersed in the story as they attend a party held to celebrate Jack’s and Harriet’s thirtieth wedding anniversary. Other attendees include friends and family members such as their daughter, Ophelia, and Stephen, their accountant and longtime family friend. Jack’s lover, Andrew, arrives as the story opens.


On the surface, one would assume this story is about Jack and Harriet and what happens at, and after, the party. But it’s so much more than that. Readers are introduced to those in attendance and are given an opportunity to get to know a bit about each of the principal characters through expertly sketched dialogue. As the party goes on, Andrew and Stephen share a drink and a moment of conversation, pondering the couple and speculating on their differences. Andrew, younger than Jack by over twenty years, seems to have accepted that he will never have more from Jack than his part-time attention, and Stephen, who happens to be Harriet’s lover, is perfectly happy with the status quo.


But that’s on the surface, and the author very skillfully reveals what lies below, one step backward at a time—literally. Through use of flashbacks, each succeeding chapter takes readers further back in time than the previous one, until the point when Jack and Harriet first meet. Clever, unique, and emotionally compelling with rich character development, each step back fills in answers to questions readers may have pondered in the previous chapter as well as those they may have never thought to ask.


As I avidly looked forward to each new chapter, I suddenly realized I was sold on this method of storytelling. I became immersed in learning more about everyone’s past lives. How did the past influence the present? How did Stephen become involved in their lives? When did Jack and Andrew first meet? How did all of the current relationships develop? There were also surprising insights into past circumstances and how even one little action could affect the future in a major way. And there was more. Much more.


The author cunningly wrapped the strands of little plot strings through my thoughts and around my heart until I could not put the book down without needing to know what would be revealed next. I knew what would happen eventually—because, after all, I had started in the present at the couples’ thirtieth anniversary celebration! But I craved those little kernels of past truths along the way.


Glenn Quigley is a gifted author with a wonderful sense of humor, a clear attention to detail, and a brilliant storyteller. I had planned to include a few quotes from some of my favorite passages; however, I’m out of space, and I don’t want to accidentally reveal a spoiler. Suffice it to say I highly recommend this book, and I’m excited to have been offered an opportunity to read and review the ARC of Glenn Quigley’s first contemporary novel. I most certainly hope it will not be the last! Do not hesitate to put this on your Must Read shelf.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 301 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-March-2024
Price $4.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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