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Fitting In (Fitting In 1) by Silvia Violet

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Law Enforcement / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance / BDSM
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 28-March-2024

Book Blurb

Two cops walk into a bar. Mason, the bartender, waits for the punch line, because no way in hell are these ridiculously hot men real cops. When they break up a bar fight he quickly learns Jack and Gray are the real deal, and they want him in the worst way.

Jack and Gray fulfill Mason’s fantasies, but they also meet a more basic need, comfort. They want to take care of Mason, to offer him unconditional friendship, but their concern for him unnerves Mason more than anything they do in bed.

To find happiness with his new partners, Mason must realize love is just as real as the two men he thought he’d only find in his dreams.

Content warnings: homophobia (from coworkers and family) and intense spice.

First edition published in February 2013. 


Book Review

Hot three-ways that turn into more than just physical activity and release are one of my favorite types of stories to read. Outside of the fun that can be had, triad relationships are even more complicated than couples, and most people think they are impossible. Granted, there may be very few stable triads around, but then, how many couples fall prey to deep-seated problems, painful fights, and outright divorce? But I digress. ‘Fitting In’ is about Mason, a lonely bartender, who falls for a clearly loving couple of cops. Mason can’t believe he would fit in despite their repeated invitations and he doesn’t want to destroy their relationship, yet he is tempted beyond belief. This is the story of three men who need each other and have to fight more than society’s preconceived notions that what they want can’t work.

Mason is a bartender because he makes good money that way and, I suspect, because he gets to ogle a lot of hot men while he works. He’s a nerd as well, into science fiction and science in equal measure, and I found that fascinating. Mason wants to study chemistry but has had to put his plans on ice. Meeting Jack and Gray takes his breath away, but he is also determined not to come between them. But despite the fact that his experience with a couple has taught him to get the hell out before one or the other begins to hate him as an intruder, Jack and Gray are just too tempting.  
Jack and Gray are dedicated cops. They work as partners but are not out, fearing they’d be sent to different units if anyone figured out exactly how close they have become. They’ve been an exclusive couple for a while, but both of them fall for Mason’s charm. And once they have had him in their bed, they are determined to keep him there – no matter how difficult it turns out to be to convince him.

In this triad, each man has a particular role they play. Best of all, these roles are not written in stone and can change as needed. All three men are required to make things work emotionally, and I loved that. Not just does Mason find a “home” where he can be himself, but Jack and Gray now have someone to balance their competitiveness, their need to be dominant. And all games in the bedroom aside – and boy, are those hot! – Mason, Jack, and Gray need all the stability and love they can get to make it through the threats they face.

If you like triad relationships and the challenges they represent, if a lonely man not believing his luck when finding not just one but two men to love is your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is as hot as it is psychologically and emotionally compelling, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 177 pages/44000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-March-2024
Price $2.99 ebook, $8.99 paperback
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