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Wind and Dark Water (Perchance to Dream, The Guernsey Series 1) by J.S. Cook at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Officers of the Law / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 24-March-2020

Book Blurb

Disgraced detective Deiniol “Danny” Quirke returns to Guernsey, the Newfoundland fishing village of his youth, to bury his abusive grandfather and dispose of the old man’s empty house. Devastated by the recent death of his beloved wife and mired in an internal police investigation that will likely spell the end of his career, he’s in no mood to reminisce about Auld Lang Syne with the people who made his childhood a living hell.


Secrets Danny thought were buried forever rise violently to the surface when the bones of local boy Llewellyn Single, drowned thirty years before, wash up on the beach. Only two people truly know what happened: Danny Quirke and his former best friend—now bitter enemy—millionaire Tadhg Heaney.


Two things matter to Tadhg: money and his teenage daughter Lily, who is dying of advanced neuroblastoma. When Lily’s estranged mother returns to claim her, the only person Tadhg can turn to is Danny. And when Danny is accused of Llewellyn’s murder, he must ally with Tadhg, who he cannot help but desire, because those who believe he is responsible are looking for revenge.


Book Review

If you are looking for a book that makes you feel like you are on a roller coaster the whole time you are reading it, well this book is it! This was a good read and there is definitely no shortage of mystery, ups and downs, heartbreak, and so many twists and turns that it will leave you dizzy.


Danny never thought he would return to the hometown that he grew up in. When you leave a place that has as many bad memories as it held for him, it is the last place you want to visit. But as life goes, that is not what the future holds for Danny. When his grandar, which is what Danny calls his grandfather, passes away, he has to come home to take care of his estate and lay him to rest. Danny has many conflicting feelings about his passing. On one hand he can remember the good times growing up but on the other, he can remember the bad as well. So the trip home is an emotional one for him. Then you have to add in the fact that his police career is more than likely over, and Danny’s world is turned completely upside down.


The last person he wants to see when he returns back to town is his childhood best friend, Tadhg. Their friendship ended the day Danny found out about the secret between Taghd and his sister Sandra. Danny has never forgiven him and most likely never will.


But sometimes the universe has a different plan than the ones we have for ourselves and this is the case for Danny. After the funeral unexpected events happen that continually throw Danny and Taghd together. When the almost harmless events start to increase in danger, the race is on to figure out who is bad and who is good. Taghd may not be the same person he was when he was younger, and he may have a daughter that he has taken care of on his own, but that does not mean he is not hiding something. Or worse yet, he may be behind all of it! Can Danny figure out whether Taghd is worth trusting once and for all? 


This was a very good read. I will warn you though, at times the main characters will go off on a tangent with thoughts of the past. When this happens, it is a lot of details that they lay out there and at times the same information is repeated over and over again. I felt that at some points there was a lot of detail that was just not needed. Regardless of that, this book was a very good read and I truly enjoyed it!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel/ 264 pages/106291 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 24-March-2020
Price $6.99 ebook, $16.99 paperback
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