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Tom (Love at the Haven 5) by Stella Shaw

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Escorts/Porn Stars/Strippers / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 02-September-2021

Book Blurb

What starts as a bit of fun, stirs up a whole new bunch of emotions.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in London at the Haven Hotel, the outrageous and uninhibited Tom introduces his fellow escorts to the joys of an inflatable hot tub in the garden, even if it’s more urban-casual than Florida-chic.

He gets mixed reactions: one of the guys finds it weird, another has better things to do, and the hotel owners are frantically trying to find time to have a private conversation involving some kind of proposal. Tom is left on his own to enjoy the tub, but that's okay because he's used to looking after himself. He's been on his own for years, he's never had someone caring for him alone, and he's never done 'Romance'. No, he's all about fun, friends, sexy times, and protecting his heart - because no one else will.

Until he’s joined by a sophisticated businessman, just passing through, who’s not only hot and intriguing, but also seems fascinated by Tom. The escorts call their punters by nicknames, but Mr Flash isn’t remotely like Tom’s usual clientele. He's something much more special.

And there may even be a future in it for them both.


Book Review

Tom, of ‘Tom’ by Stella Shaw, has always been the most outrageous of the bunch of escorts who work at the Haven. Tom notices that his friends at the hotel are pairing up, but who needs that kind of entanglement?


One Sunday afternoon, Tom brings a hot tub to the Haven. He sets it up in the yard behind the hotel. He had hoped it would be a chance to relax together, to bond rather than racing around, busy at work, but when no one else wants to join him, he does what he has done for a long time. Tom enjoys the tub all by himself.


Tom is relaxing in the tub when he hears the back door open. When he opens his eyes, there stands one of the most handsome, well-dressed men he has ever seen, not at all like the Haven’s usual client. Tom is his typical obnoxious self, asking why the man is there. They banter for a while. It impresses Tom that his abrasive manner does not put off Mr. Flash, as Tom dubs him. Tom tells him if he wants to encroach upon his day off, Tom’s charge will be for premium time. Mr. Flash declares he is not looking for a rent boy, that he is curious to meet Tom, and that he intrigues him. This is not something Tom is used to hearing and he doesn’t quite know what to do with it.


After asking for Tom’s permission, things get hot and heavy between the two men. When Mr. Flash, who turns out to be Elliot’s former boss, leaves, Tom feels a sense of loss and longing he didn’t think he was capable of. It delights him when he discovers Craig has left him a parting gift along with a note asking him for a lunch date when he returns.


Tom has always been an enigma. It was good to see a different side of him. Thanks, Stella, for another steamy addition to the ‘Love at the Haven’ series.




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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 44 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-August-2021
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