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Tied Up in Knots (Marshals 3) by Mary Calmes

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Agents/Spies / Military/Former Military / Officer of the Law / Erotic Romance / Action/Adventure / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 05-January-2021

Book Blurb

Miro Jones is living the life: he’s got his exciting, fulfilling job as a US deputy marshal, his gorgeous greystone in suburban Chicago, his beloved adopted family, and most importantly, the man who captured his heart, Ian Doyle. Problem is, Ian isn’t just his partner at work—Ian’s a soldier through and through. That commitment takes him away from Miro, unexpectedly and often, and it’s casting a shadow over what could be everything Miro could ever dream of.

Work isn’t the same without Ian. Home isn’t the same, either, and Miro’s having to face his fears alone… how to keep it together at the office, how to survive looming threats from the past, and worst of all, how to keep living without Ian’s rock-solid presence at his side. His life is tied up in knots, but what if unknotting them requires something more permanent? What would that mean for him and Ian? Miro’s stuck between two bad choices, and sometimes the only way to get out of the knot is to hold tight to your lifeline and pull.

First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, September 2016.

Book Review

If I died on this job, Phillip “Call me Phil, there, buddy” Tull, who also made finger guns whenever he said that, would be fed to our dog, balls first. Nobody wanted to mess with Ian Doyle, especially not where I was concerned. He was slightly possessive.

Oh Mary, really? You didn't? It's bad enough I get teased in the 'Marshals' series by glimpses of Sam Kage, but now! Now! You borrowed Kane from an author who shall remain nameless, no matter how much I love her, and he's the cop Miro is working with in San Francisco? And then I got to see more of the family! You really are a horrible tease and I love you for it! Poor Miro. Kane is a little too much like an Irishman he already loves. *grins* Now to get back to the regularly scheduled programming.

I have the utmost respect for the husbands, wives, and partners of military servicemen and women, or any job that takes your loved one away and into dangerous places where you don't ever know if they'll come home. I understood Miro's fears and there was a part of me that felt that if Ian loved him enough, he wouldn't put Miro through this. On the other hand, I could see Ian's perspective and how the members of his Green Beret team were family, and how he couldn't run the risk of something happening to one of them because he wasn't there. It was a stalemate on both Miro and Ian's side.

“Because the only place you’re not replaceable, where no one else will do, is right here with me. Here, at home—you’re it, and if you’re too stupid to—”

As much as I would love reading an entire novel filled with nothing but Miro and Ian's romantic relationship, I knew the author would have another action-packed adventure for me, and I wasn't wrong. An old nemesis and psychopath returns to haunt Miro, while Ian is tied up dealing with his old Ranger unit who someone seems to be killing the team members off. Wow. The way the author weaves so many things together and keeps it all juggling beautifully is really astounding.

There are so many wonderful things about this series. Obviously, Ian and Miro are at the top of the list, but the author has also managed to create truly remarkable secondary characters as well. From Miro's four female best friends who are tighter than tight, to the other agents in the office who are all one big family. I always feel as if I'm back with my family when I read one of these books.

Magnificent, Mary, and a very apt title. Miro and Ian have both been tied in knots over so many things and it was wonderful to see some of it get resolved. Hopefully. I can never get enough of these two men so I'm hoping there are more stories in your head. I think my favorite piece of this story was really getting a feel for how Miro was feeling inside, and the drama/action didn't take away from that, but instead added to it. Thank you, Mary, I loved it.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 325 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-January-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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