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The Omega's Fake Mate (Oceanport Omegas 4) by Ann-Katrin Byrde

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / MPreg / Omegaverse / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 08-June-2018

Book Blurb

He was my best friend, my first love, and now he's my fake boyfriend....

Nick knows omegas are supposed to be meek and obedient, but he must have been standing in the wrong line when those qualities were being handed out. After losing his job again for not keeping his mouth shut, he heads home to small town Maine to hang with family and stuff himself on Thanksgiving turkey.

Or that’s the plan until he wakes up one night, his heart racing with the certainty that his brother is in danger. Nick needs to protect Rhys, but his twin married into a cult that permits no unmated omegas to enter its gated communities. To get inside, Nick needs a mate—a fake one, because he has no interest in a real one. Unfortunately, the only alpha he’d trust with his brother’s safety is also the one he’d most like to avoid—his childhood sweetheart.

Zander’s life is full. By day, he runs his bookstore; by night, he writes steamy romance novels, and he’s happy that way. If only he could stop his parents’ matchmaking, his life would be perfect. Or so he thinks, until his first love approaches him with an impossible favor to ask. And maybe they could both win—Nick rescues his brother, and Zander gets his parents off his back for a while.

It’s supposed to be an easy mission, no feelings involved, but when the lines blur between what’s real and what’s pretend, things start to heat up—between the sheets and otherwise.


Book Review

I adore how the characters in each of these books are intertwined with others in previous stories as it gives me a huge family to love and care for. I met Nick in the previous installment as he is cousin to Shane and friend/roommate to Kade. He is also brother to Dean from book two. Now that Nick has been fired from another job – he’s got a bit of a smart mouth - Kade has asked him to come back to his hometown for a vacation and to get his head back on straight. Pun totally intended. Who knew that just returning home was going to prove such a challenge?

Zander and Nick were best friends growing up. The day they learned Zander was alpha and Nick omega, Zander told Nick that was why they were perfect together. They were ten. It wasn’t too long after that when Nick’s family moved and he and Zander lost touch. Not that the feelings have gone away as Nick discovers when he walked back into Zander’s bookstore. There are so many memories at Tall Tales, the bookstore Zander’s grandmother owned and left to him. I can’t imagine anything more fabulous than inheriting a bookstore. *sigh*

Nick is extraordinarily easy to fall for. In fact, exactly the kind of character I adore. He tends to spout out whatever just entered his mind and has spent a lot of time pulling his foot out of his mouth. He’s also not like other omegas. He doesn’t react to alphas and he’s never gone into heat. Definitely unusual. But he loves his twin, Rhys, and has been worried about him ever since Rhys married a Vinist – the same cult that Kade grew up in and escaped from. Even though in this world unmated omegas are second-class citizens, Vinists take it to the far extreme where alphas are kings and their omegas are scullery maids. So, it’s no wonder that when Nick gets the strong feeling that something is wrong with Rhys, he hatches his cockamamie plan to infiltrate the compound and rescue his brother.

Zander spilled his heart to Nick over the phone after Nick’s family moved. In typical Nick and twelve-year-old boy fashion, Nick said “me too” and hung up for dinner not realizing that Zander really meant it. Now, all these years later, Zander still means it but he isn’t going to let Nick know that. Zander always went along with Nick’s crazy schemes when they were kids so why shouldn’t he help him now? Especially since Nick is willing to pose as Zander’s boyfriend at his parents’ Thanksgiving dinner and keep them from matchmaking Zander. It’s a win-win for both. Or, is it?

Oh, how I wanted to smack these two up the backside of their heads. They’re so stinking adorable, they’ve admitted they love each other, and Nick still goes back to LA. WTF? Seriously? Granted, I’m glad that Zander is an alpha who wouldn’t dream of demanding, or trying to put his foot down, but there were times when I needed Nick to get his head out of his butt and really listen to his own heart and mind. Love like this only comes along once in a lifetime… don’t let it slide through your fingers by being stubborn.

What a wonderful ending! Nick and Zander are the best type of couple - the kind that find each other as children – and being best friends is still such a huge part of their mating that laughter and love follow them from moment to moment. Of course, their son Sam I believe is going to grow up to be a terror. *grins*





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 309 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-October-2017
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