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Stronger (Breaking Free 3.5) by A.M. Arthur at Briggs-King Books

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / MPreg / Omegaverse / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 09-June-2018

Book Blurb

Learning to trust can bring a lifetime of joy.

As happily-married beta couple Serge and Dex Freel await the birth of their first child, Serge can’t help but think back to the rocky start of his and Dex’s relationship. After a party introduction from a mutual friend, a tentative friendship blooms into something much stronger. Marred by misunderstandings, personal prejudices, and Serge’s own inability to trust, they nearly go their separate ways more than once—and almost lose their chance at the beautiful life they’ll build together. 

But Dex’s alpha-like stubbornness and Serge’s desperate need to care for others brings them back together over and over, until both men realize they’re truly stronger together than apart. But their happily-ever-after is hard-won and other friendships are tested, before Serge finally takes a chance on giving his heart to Dex and trusting the other man not to break it into unfixable pieces—and trust is not something Serge gives easily.


NOTE: The story is best enjoyed after reading Heard (BF #3), because the current timeline events occur during Heard’s epilogue, but it can also be easily read after Found (BF #4). Content warnings for previous books in the series apply.

Book Review

I’m beyond thrilled that the author decided to write Serge and Dex’s story. They have been such a huge part of the first three books and the author has hinted about Serge’s struggles in the past and his and Dex’s hard-won relationship. I’m not going into details regarding the worldbuilding as I truly believe these books should be read in order. Needless to say, heed the author’s warning regarding triggers as there are many emotional land mines to be found in this world.

Dex and Serge first meet at a party and I can’t say it is love, or even like, and certainly not lust (at least not on Serge’s part) at that first introduction. Serge has just finished nursing school and is doing his rotations at the hospital while Dex is working for the Constabulary in their research department. Serge grew up with two beta fathers who adopted him and he is an only child. Dex has a sire and an omegin and is one of four children. Needless to say, at this point in time, Serge is very passionate about what society deems as gender roles. He has no use for alphas and there’s a horrifying reason for that, so to discover that Dex’s two close friends are alphas puts Serge’s back up and makes him not to even want to contemplate being friends with the other beta.

“Something about Dex intrigued him, but he worried at Dex’s complete acceptance of the affection and friendship of alphas..... They could overpower Dex in a heartbeat, and what was to stop them? Nothing. Because alphas were raised to believe they could take whatever they wanted, consequences be damned, and there wasn’t anything the rest of the world could do about it. Yet.”

It was beyond charming to watch Serge and Dex’s friendship grow and to see the tiny, oh so tiny sprouts of trust that begin to form within Serge for Dex. Of course, it is by no means easy, not at all. It is on-again, off-again, with Serge trying to explain his perspective while being afraid to share his history, and Dex beginning to see things in his world he hadn’t really looked at before, particularly how some alphas behave and how omegas are treated. In fact, it makes Dex reevaluate his friendship with a few alphas. Once Serge trusts enough to share his past, Dex is furious and hurting that Serge has suffered.

What a wonderful addition to the series! A truly beautiful love story which I expected seeing as I had already fallen for these two men in the previous three installments. Now I’m going to have to jump straight into book four because I’ve been dying for Senior Constable Higgs’s story and I can’t wait any longer!





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