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Romancing the Wrong Twin by Clare London at Jocular Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 12-February-2020

Book Blurb

How tangled can a romantic web get?

When gruff mountaineer Dominic Hartington-George seeks sponsorship for his latest expedition, his London PA insists on a more media-friendly profile—like dating celebrity supermodel Zeb Z.

Zeb can’t make the date, so he asks his identical twin, Aidan, to stand in for just one evening. Aidan, a struggling playwright, shuns the limelight to the extent people don’t even know Zeb has a sibling, but he reluctantly agrees.

When the deception has to continue beyond the first date, Aidan fights to keep up the pretense. Dominic likes his sassy, intelligent companion, and Aidan starts falling for the forthright explorer. But how long can Aidan’s conscience cope as confusion abounds? Will coming clean as “the other twin” destroy the trust they’ve built?

First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, November 2016.

Book Review

“Being a twin is not always easy... I may look like my brother, But I am one of a kind.
I want to be noticed for the person that's me. My brother is special too. Why can't we both be?… Unique and separate spirits defending each other. We share much in common. It's easy to see - I am not my brother And he is not me.” ~ Michelle Salazar (Twin Brothers)

Most of the time, honesty may be the best policy, but nothing is carved in stone. What if you are doing the wrong thing for the right reason? In 'Romancing the Wrong Twin' by Clare London, Aiden pretends to be his twin brother, Zeb, because he needs to be somewhere else and doesn't want to explain the situation. Unfortunately, the charade goes on for far longer than either twin intended, leading to unexpected consequences.

Although identical genetically, Aiden and Zeb are very different people. Aiden is a college educated, starving actor/playwright who guards his privacy. He is still waiting for his big break into the business. His flamboyant twin is a top model who adores being in the public eye. When Zeb begs Aiden to take his place, Aiden loves him enough not to ask questions and sort of begrudgingly agrees. Aiden has seen his outgoing brother flounce around enough to pretend to be more like him. Dressed in Zeb's clothes, Aiden goes to his brother's assignment, being a date for a famous photographer/mountain climber named Dominick. Dominick is soliciting for financing for his next mountain climbing expedition and hoping to get it from an LGBT company named We Will Survive, thus the arranged date with a very popular gay male model, Zeb.

Dominick is not the easiest person to get along with and is not thrilled to have to pretend to be enamored by a man who he's already decided he won't like. Dominick thinks his date will be high-maintenance, flighty, and an airhead and will have no interest in who Dominick is and what he does. Right away, Dominick sets Aiden off with his domineering presence and when Aiden balks at being treated in such a manner, Dominick is surprised and attempts to curve his aggressive behavior. Dominick is also wrong when he expects that Aiden won't be interested in good food and he's especially taken back when Aiden seems to be not only interested in his mountain climbing ventures, but knowledgeable as well. What is supposed to be a one-time thing drags on much longer than expected. Aiden tries to treat it like a job, but before he or Dominick know it, they are in much deeper than either intended to be. Due to their skewed understanding of the situation, neither knows how the other feels. When the “mission” is accomplished and Dominick has his funding, he wrongly assumes that their association has come to an end as well. Hurt but trying to be realistic, Aiden says his good-byes and good lucks and takes a cab home.

Clare's characters are always full-bodied, often eccentric, and multifaceted. She makes them come alive in such an expressive way that I can't help but sympathize with their predicaments, as well as appreciate that, like me, they are human and their judgement is not always the best. Even though I was expecting a happy ending, Clare put an impressive twist on the climax while working out things in an effective manner. Clare's characters show tremendous growth as well. By pretending to be Zeb, Aiden saw himself in a different light. This made him realize that, although he is different, there are ways he could be more assertive. Clare also held a mirror up to Zeb that enabled him to view himself differently as well, take life more seriously, and discover what was most important to him. Thanks, Clare! I thoroughly enjoyed this light, entertaining story with just the right amount of angst to add more depth.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 232 pages
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Publication Date 10-February-2020
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