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Nice Work If You Can Get It by Barry Lowe at Lydian Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Blue-Collar Workers / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-October-2019

Book Blurb

Vinnie is a loser in love and in life – even with his good looks and hot body. He’s unable to keep a job for more than a few weeks and his love-life is in tatters. His friends see him as just another piece of ass and their idea of helping is to help him into their beds. Only his arch nemesis, Zeb, won’t indulge Vinnie’s pity party. So why does Vinnie feel a strange attraction to the only man who won’t indulge him – a man with secrets and a bad reputation?

Book Review

A lack of self-confidence can have all kinds of consequences – even for people as good-looking as Vinnie. Or maybe especially for those who are very handsome, because it is easy to focus on their looks rather than who they are as a person. This is the story of one such man who discovers that being wanted for the way he looks is not everything in life, and that the one man who seems to be standoffish and his enemy can actually be so much more.

Vinnie has been unable to hold down a job, can’t seem to find a lover, and isn’t even sure he has any abilities or talent that might help him make something of himself. Nobody has ever supported him and as for his ability to choose his friends? Questionable at best. But deep down he does want more, he just doesn’t know how to get there.

Zeb seems to be a cold fish, has secrets galore, and refuses to feel sorry for Vinnie. It is his attitude and support that challenge Vinnie to want to become more, but it is not an easy road. And even though both men are secretly attracted to each other, they have quite a few obstacles to deal with before they can give in to their feelings.

On the face of it, this may seem like a lighthearted, fun enemy-to-lovers story. But I have to admit that the barbs Vinnie suffers and the emotional neglect and abuse his so-called “friends” put him through hit me hard. I cringed every time they ignored or made fun of him, and I cheered Vinnie along to wake up and figure out that he is more than his looks!

If you like enemies-to-lovers stories with heart, if you want to see a somewhat aimless man figure out what he is good at, and if you’re looking for a read that contains a great message of optimism and a somewhat unexpected romance, then you might like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 77 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-April-2019
Price $2.99 ebook
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