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Musical Notes by Beth Bolden

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Athletes/Coaches / Students/Teachers/Professors / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 08-October-2019

Book Blurb

For the last six months, shy, nerdy, English teacher Carter Bennett has been crushing on the brand new PE teacher.

It doesn’t matter how many months in the school year there are, Carter knows that cool, laid-back, college baseball star Nolan returning his feelings is hopeless.

Until they’re both called in front of the Principal and given an impossible task: take over the spring musical from the MIA choir director.

Carter knows all about literature and plays, but had to give up his college theater major because his shyness was too crippling. Nolan knows even less. But despite lapses in choreography, terrible acting, a complete lack of sets, and costumes from the eighteenth century, they’re going to have to hit all the right notes, together.

Book Review

“Music has the power to express your emotions when words are not enough.” ~ unknown

Carter Bennett, of ‘Musical Notes’ by Beth Bolden, is painfully shy. It is easier for him to spend time alone instead of putting himself out there and finding someone to be with. He’s attracted to Nolan, a new teacher at his school, but figures Nolan is way out of his league and that they would have nothing in common. When Fate, aka their school principal, needs help, they are “forcefully” brought together, making it impossible for Carter to avoid Nolan any longer.

Since their music teacher, who was in charge of the upcoming musical, Grease, left unexpectedly, the students will be disappointed. There is no one truly qualified, but Carter’s music major and Nate, having taken a ballet class, gives them more experience than anyone else at the school.

Nolan feels completely unsuited for the task, but he has an ulterior motive. He has been trying to get Carter’s attention all year, to no avail. He has practically staked the man, purposefully being places at the same time as Carter, hoping to get more than a two-word sentence out of him. Working so closely together means that Carter will have to communicate with him.

Carter thinks that being asked to do the play is ludicrous, but he loves the students and doesn’t want to disappoint them. He is doubtful that he can make a success of it, but when Nolan agrees to do it, he can’t very well say no, even though the thought of having to work so closely with Nolan frightens him. From experience, Carter knows that most guys aren’t attracted to him because he is so eccentric. Why would someone like Nolan even give him a second glance, much less be interested in being with him? When Carter learns that Nolan has never even seen Grease, he invites Nolan to his home to watch it. As the rehearsals progress, so does the closeness between the men. Carter and Nolan learn, firsthand, that opposites do attract!

This is an endearing love story with many elements that I enjoyed, i.e., musicals, eccentric people, persistence, hard work, a “the show must go on” attitude. Thanks, Beth, for bringing Carter and Nolan together.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 133 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-August-2019
Price $2.99 ebook
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