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Homeless in Heaven by Deirdre O'Dare at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-August-2018

Book Blurb

Homeless for over two years, Merl has hunkered down to endure a second winter in Eden, Colorado. He has lost the ability to trust or accept kindness as anything but a sneaky attempt to weaken for an attack. He sells aluminum cans and other trash to survive, knowing he should attempt to get back into the mainstream but he lacks the will to try.

Nate has led a sheltered and privileged life as the only child of wealthy older parents, now deceased. He is working on a photo journalism piece about the homeless people in Eden when he first encounters Merl. The big man impresses him so much that when an early blizzard hits, he goes back to the camps try to bring Merl and others to shelter in his own home.

Can he win Merl’s trust and cooperation in an effort to provide positive long term help to other homeless people in the area? Even more important, can he forge a real partnership with the suspicious older man?

First edition published by Amber Allure in May 2011.

Book Review

Based on its name, you might not expect any real problems in a place like Eden, Colorado, but this story shows that homelessness and social problems have nothing to do with a town’s name. The fact that it can get freezing cold in winter doesn’t help, so when winter’s first blizzard hits, those who remained in the homeless camp near the river are in real trouble. Merl has survived for one winter already and has no intention to go to a shelter. Nate leads a sheltered and somewhat privileged life ever since he inherited everything from his parents, but he wants to help. Neither man expects to find a partner… but Fate has other ideas.

Merl has figured out how to survive, but ever since he left the Army, he has not been able to deal with life. There are hints as to what happened throughout, but the truth of his situation only emerges slowly. He finds it hard to trust anyone, and I can’t blame him after what he has been through!

Nate lives comfortably but sees how tough other have it and wants to help. He has some vague idea about using photography to communicate the issues of homelessness, but he has no concrete plan. Nate means well, but he is also somewhat naïve and approaches the situation with idealism rather than practicality.

Both men feel an immediate attraction, but there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, and not just the differences in their social or financial status. There is a major age gap as well, and without trust, they don’t stand a chance. But they are willing to take small steps and see how working together might improve everyone’s situation, and that ends up being the basis for more.

If you like feel-good stories where a happy ending doesn’t seem possible at first, if you want to see how two strangers with very different backgrounds can learn to work together, and if you’re looking for a read that is a sweet message of hope, then you will probably like this short story as much as I do. It is just the right thing to cheer me up and make me believe that – at least sometimes – things can get better.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 14960 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-August-2018
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