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Galenís Redemption (Links in the Chain 2) by Parker Williams at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 16-April-2019

Book Blurb

A rich man is about to set foot into an unknown world, while a Good Samaritan fears he’ll have to close the charity he’s spent his life building. Poised to lose it all, they might find what they need most in each other.


Son of a wealthy importer, Galen Merriweather lives to broker deals, and he’s damn good at it. But it’s getting harder to ignore the kind of man his father is—a man who would pay Galen’s brother’s lover to leave… a man who’d demand Galen retrieve a quarter-million-dollar check from a struggling homeless shelter.


Robert Kotke knows the money is too good to be true, but it’s a godsend that could help so many people. Still, he hands it over when Galen shows up. But he isn’t done with Galen yet, and he’s going to challenge everything Galen ever believed.


Galen will face an impossible decision: the redemption he’s come to realize he wants, or the life he’d always dreamed of.


Book Review

When Galen first appeared in ‘Lincoln’s Park’ I hated him. The second time he graced the pages of that book, I abhorred him. I was 100 percent positive that Galen was exactly like his father and had zero redeemable qualities. I was wrong on so many levels. The Galen I slowly got to know in this book is so vulnerable and hides such a fragile heart that he brought tears to my eyes more than once. Robert is exactly the man I imagined him to be – strong, stable, calm, patient, nonjudgmental, and very sexy. Inside his chest beats the heart of a warrior and woe to anyone who thinks to cross him, or any of the people he loves.

“Deflection, self-deprecation, quick to anger, a father who says he prefers his brother to him. It was no wonder Galen had self-esteem issues and why he was so driven to get noticed.” ~ Robert

Galen and Lincoln’s father is a monster. Period. Imagine your worst conception of a racist, homophobic, bigot, misogynist, arrogant, evil to the core, waste of protoplasm, and that’s him. Galen, as the younger son, has spent his whole life trying to impress his father only to be constantly reminded that he’s not as good as Lincoln. Even though Lincoln left the company, came out to his dad, and went on his way building a new life, their dad still considers him the better man. My heart broke for the little boy inside of Galen who just wanted love and a family.

“When Robert leaned closer and put his head atop Galen’s, Galen had to bite back a whimper. He understood sex—it was easy, uncomplicated. What Robert was making him feel was anything but. There was a warmth blooming in his chest that he’d never experienced before.” ~ Galen

Robert is the director of a homeless shelter. Talk about a thankless job. Well, except for the people who truly do appreciate the help. To the rest of the world, Robert and the people he cares for are blights upon humanity and should be allowed to die. Robert learned how to be a nurturer and to genuinely care for all people at his parents’ knees but he recognizes how Galen has no understanding of this type of love and compassion based on his cold upbringing. Robert believes in love, the kind of love his parents and his brother and his husband share, and he wants that with Galen. Galen does not comprehend anything other than being rejected and left alone.

“Yes, I felt bad for what I’d done, but until that moment, I retained a disconnect between them and me. I took food from a nebulous them, when what I really did was take food from that girl. It made me realize, there is no them or me—it’s we, and if we don’t help one another, like sharing your meal with a stranger, then I might as well be my father.” ~ Galen

The love story between Robert and Galen is just beautiful and had me smiling more than once. It was slow and reverent with a lot of talking and getting to know one another. The physical desire was there from the beginning but the fact that they waited made the moment so much better than I could have imagined. The clear depiction of families who truly love and care for one another reminded me how lucky I am to have mine.

‘Galen’s Redemption’ is absolutely everything I could have wished for. In my opinion, this is the best book Parker Williams has ever written, and I’ve read them all. He truly found his chops in this one and his words just ring from the pages. The fact that he made Galen and Lincoln’s father suffer in a karma-inspired idea that is truly genius, and a little bloodthirsty, just makes me adore this author even more. I honestly can’t wait for more – not just in this series, but overall. Thank you, Parker, you did great!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 250 pages/92660 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-April-2019
Price $6.99 ebook, $16.99 paperback, $16.99 bundle
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