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Feather and Scroll (The Shifter Chronicles 11) by M.D. Grimm

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Agents/Spies / Shifters / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 07-September-2021

Book Blurb

Agent Pan has spent most of his adult life protecting shape-shifters from the Knights—an organization bent on their annihilation—and keeping the secret war in the shadows where it belongs. But the Knights are growing bolder, and a new threat has resurfaced after being buried in the ocean for decades.


An ancient scroll, a key to a devastating weapon, is now in the hands of a recalcitrant Russian hawk shifter named Viktor. As a bird shifter, he knows his duty is to protect the scroll, but he wants nothing to do with the war. He leads a quiet life and wants to keep it that way. But when agents come knocking on his door, he finds it difficult to resist the charms of Agent Pan, especially since this isn’t their first meeting.


Two years earlier they spent a passionate weekend together, neither aware of the other’s true identity. Viktor never really got over Pan. Now with sexual tension at its peak, they must learn to trust each other and work as a team to protect not only their loved ones, but every shifter in the world.



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, August 2017.


Book Review

It has been quite a while since I lost myself in the intrigue and adventures of one of ‘The Shifter Chronicles’ books. I read the first ten in the series fairly quickly and now I've had to wait to see what's going on with the Agency, the Knights, the lost scrolls, and all of my favorite characters. Having just met Agent Pan in the previous installment, I was interested to see what journey the author was going to take me on.

Imagine coming face to face with a guy you had some of the hottest sex of your life with two years before, the guy your hawk keeps insisting is your true mate even though you believe that to be nonsense and a fairy tale, and discovering he's with the Agency, an organization you believe to be no better than any secret police faction. Such is Viktor’s dilemma when he and Pan see each other. Viktor is still very Russian in his mind-set and thus he believes secrecy about anything pertaining to shifters is a must, regardless that the Agency is on the side of shifters. It was an interesting reunion, so to speak, between the two men!

YES! Now I'm finally getting somewhere with the ancient players in this game. I'm not telling, though! Let’s just say that this one individual who has been around for centuries upon centuries really does exist, and hasn't disappeared as most within the Agency believe. Oh no. He's been waiting to take this fight back to Arcas. He defeated that evil once and he'll do it again.

I thought the author might wrap this all up in this installment, but, luckily for me, there will be more to come. The great showdown with Arcas is going to be glorious and I'll be thrilled to have a ringside seat. Pan and Viktor were wonderful, sexy, and sweet. The author gave me quite the teaser for the next book and things are heating up. The Knights are going to be going after shifters, all out, and they're no longer going to be so discreet when it comes to the humans. Uh. Oh. Looking forward to it!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 182 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-September-2021
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