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Dirty Kisses, Volume 2: A Collection by Sean Michael

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Disability / Military/Former Military / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 09-August-2018

Book Blurb

Can you go back home again? These three former lovers explore that question as they meet again years after they've gone their separate ways.

In Wallflowers, a trip to his hometown for a friend’s wedding complicates things for in the closet Ryan. He discovers he still has feelings for his old lover, DJ, who he discovers is now blind. What happens if they reconnect? After all, he’s still in the closet, right? 

Next up is Working it Out. What happens when the man who ran out on Affton four years ago suddenly appears in front of him? Affton is hoping the answer is a second chance at love with Luke.

Finally, in Finding the Way Home, There’s nothing like coming home injured from fighting for your country and finding out you’ve been dumped. Lucky for James, his old army buddy has his back. Will a place to crash turn into something more?

First edition of 'Wallflowers' published by Amber Quill Press in December, 2012.

First edition of 'Working It Out' published by Amber Allure in March, 2013.

First edition of 'Finding The Way Home' published by Amber Quill Press in August, 2015.

Book Review

It is not always easy to go back home after you realize you have changed, following an adventure, or a life-changing event. Sometimes it may even seem impossible, but as the three stories in this collection show, there is always hope. Each couple in this collection has history and a lot of reasons why one or both of them may think “it will never work” – but, much to my relief, they find a way. These three tales are as heartwarming and sweet as they are hot, and they all touched me in a different way.

What if your fear of coming out has cost you your happiness? What if your cowardice has caused you to give up any chance at contentment? And what if you suddenly have to face the man you left behind years ago – only to find out you are still as much in love with him as ever? That is the dilemma Ryan faces when he runs into DJ at a friend's wedding. This story is full of emotion, dealing with regrets, and rekindling old passion. And yet, despite all the between-the-sheets activities, 'Wallflowers' is a very fitting title for this story.

Ryan may be successful professionally, but he is deeply unhappy on a personal level. Not just because he is gay and too scared to come out, but because his refusal to do so has cost him the man he loved in college, the man whom, deep down, he still loves seven years later. Not that he will admit that! So, in a way, he has become a wallflower to his own life: not able to participate emotionally, because a huge chunk of his heart is missing.

DJ has gone through a lot since Ryan left him. A genetic disease has caused him to lose his eyesight, but he is a fighter. He has learned how to deal with being blind, leads an independent life, and believes he is happy. Until running into Ryan rekindles his love for the man and he realizes he has been an emotional wallflower to his own life.
The passion between Ryan and DJ is explosive, feelings run high, and their happiness is at stake.

If you like stories with lots of physical activity that serves to bring out the best in the main characters –eventually, if you enjoy reading about old lovers reunited and figuring out what to do with their second chance, and if you're looking for a hot, yet emotionally fulfilling read, you will probably like this short story.

Working it Out
Second chances are rare. This is the story of one couple who meet again, after four years of separation, and cannot help themselves but try again. It may seem as if a misunderstanding caused the rift, but the underlying reasons are far more sinister, and outright horrifying. What the story shows is the slow reconstruction of a relationship that was cruelly stopped in its tracks, and the emotional fallout both main characters have to deal with is heartbreaking.

Affton is the one who was left behind. He has no idea why Luke walked away from what he thought was a great relationship. When he finds out that Luke works in the same company he does, he cannot resist trying to reconnect. He loves him as much as four years ago, and he is determined to find out what went wrong. When he does, he is as shocked as I was. It changes the way he looks at a lot of things, but what doesn’t change is his love for Luke. He decides to do all he can to make them a couple again.

Luke has been through hell. What caused him to leave was utter betrayal, but when he finds out that not everything was as it seemed, he is willing to give his relationship with Affton another try. I admire him for having the courage to do that, but as he gets closer to Affton again, there is enough emotional debris they both have left to ensure it isn’t a smooth journey. Like Affton, though, Luke has never stopped loving his ex-partner, so there is hope.

These men are very hot together, both because of the emotions they have to deal with, and due to their undeniable chemistry. The BDSM elements of their bedroom activities, especially, could have been a huge stumbling block, but Affton handles the situation with such understanding that Luke is tempted right back in.

If you like stories about second chances, if you enjoy reading about love overcoming quite a few obstacles, and if you’re looking for a hot read about a loving couple, then you will probably like this short story.

Finding the Way Home
‘Finding the Way Home’ is the perfect title for this story about figuring out where you belong after tragedy hits on more than one front. James faces loss of several kinds in this story, both physical and emotional, and it’s a good thing he has his best friend and buddy, Horse, at his side. But no sooner have they settled into a new routine than the idiot ex returns and causes more chaos than one person should be able to. It makes for an intense story with a few unexpected twists, quite some drama, and some wonderful humor as James and Horse deal with everything that Fate has decided to throw at them – despite the fact that all they wanted was a “drama-free zone”.

James has lost most of his right arm thanks to an IED, spent a long time in hospital, and he’s beginning to be competent about handling his prosthetic. But the one thing he had not counted on throws him for a loop: his partner of seven years kicks him to the curb because “loving a soldier is too hard”. Luckily James has his best friend Horse to stay with, and it doesn’t take them long to realize they both want to be a lot more than friends. So when the ex gets in touch again and wants James back, there is no way James will even consider it.

Horse is relieved that James feels safe enough with him to ask for help, and since he has been lusting after his former Army buddy for years, he is very much in favor of changing their living arrangements from separate bedrooms to a much more intimate arrangement. Horse is a tough guy, but what the ex has planned for James gets Horse livid and ready to kill the man. He is going to stand up for James and protect him no matter what the cost.

If you like stories about former friends who become passionate lovers, if two former soldiers having to defend themselves against civilian attacks sound interesting, and if you’re looking for a read that is as hot, sexy, and humorous as it is suspenseful, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Collection/ 3 novellas, 166 pages/47700 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-July-2016
Price $5.99 ebook
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