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Bucking Hay (Stable Tales 2) by Darragha Foster at Victory Woman Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 25-September-2020

Book Blurb

Judah “Hay” El-Bara is a nineteen-year-old sacrificial bridegroom to a harvest goddess long worshipped by his traditionalist parents and community. For him to seed the harvest would be a lie. He isn’t attracted to women. Embracing his sexuality, Hay begins a relationship with a stranger named Buck. But Buck isn’t exactly what he seems. Buck is a mystical vessel of change. Hard work may bring salvation, but harder work can change the world.


Book Review

Let’s play a little game. Think of this reviewer as your waiter, from whom you are seeking a culinary recommendation. Can I really know your taste? Your current cravings? Your allergies? As a group, readers are such a mixed lot, and each member’s desire is an unaccountable variable. So, how do I appraise your possible interest in ‘Bucking Hay’, this plat du jour? It isn’t even clear to me how to categorize this on the menu. Is it a fable, or a mythic moral lesson, or merely a sexy and spicy offering for the would-be glutton?


Ms. Foster’s style, let me politely say, is odd! There is a meeting of two disparate main characters – a youth committed to being some religious “offering” to the goddess of agricultural fecundity. And Buck, who has a wonderful “member” and some unclear relationship to the goddess, to vegetation, and to the moral maturation of the world. Wow!


Ms. Foster, whose first volume in this series, ‘When Lightning Strikes’, I greeted with moderate applause, has now wandered somewhere strange. I think she has been struck with one of the writers’ rampant diseases: a weakness for platitudinous phrasing. So,


Example1: “Nature was to be feared, revered, and placated. Never studied, discussed, or tracked.

Example 2: “A man will go mad from desire if he is not allowed to touch himself.”


And, just one more, concerning Hay's first gay sexual intercourse:


Example 3: “Physically, it burned. Spiritually, it exhilarated more than an ice-water bath.”


My working rule: reviews shouldn’t be longer than the subject. So, let me conclude with two points. (1) Somewhere in this story are reasonably moderate, detailed sexual couplings, mixed into a tale of people finding freedom from mandatory, conservative rituals, and favoring open approaches to sexual attraction and relationships. (2) I mustn’t fail to note the title’s clever pun – as ‘Bucking Hay’ may refer to the actual act of harvesting (cutting and tossing) the hay, or, alternatively, to the heroes’ names and a much more interesting (and erotic) activity. Would the entire text were as brilliant!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 69 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-September-2020
Price $2.99 ebook
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