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Beautiful Mistakes (Second Chances 3) by Felice Stevens

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 06-September-2021

Book Blurb


Desire: What Wolf struggles with from the moment he sees Spencer Hawkins the first day of college.
Fear: Not a word in Wolf’s vocabulary except when it comes to facing his feelings for Spencer.
Lust: What he gives in to that changes everything between them. And his life forever.
Denial: Something Wolf is all too familiar with—denying who he is and who he wants. It’s better this way, even if it’s tearing him and his friendship apart.


Hide: What Spencer does best. He hides from everyone, especially himself and the crazy attraction to Wolf he can’t shake. 

Walls: Spencer throws them up to protect himself from all the hurts life heaps on him—his mother’s death, his father’s indifference, and the men who share his bed and walk away.
Betrayal: Not by just anyone. By Wolf. The one man he can’t forget. Or forgive.
Want: Spencer wants to live in the moment, but he can’t stop thinking about that night. And it doesn’t help that he and Wolf keep knocking heads…and locking lips.

Love: What those two idiots need to realize is happening between them. What started out as their ugliest regret could end up being the most beautiful mistake they ever made.


Book Review

“You're impossible to resist...It's like I'm finally awake and you're just a beautiful mistake...” – One Direction (Taken)


Since college, Wolf and Spencer, of ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ by Felice Stevens, have been part of a group of close friends. Unlike the others in the group, Wolf and Spencer are often at each other’s throats, throwing barbs and disparaging remarks at each other. It distresses their friends. No one can understand their behavior, but the group will splinter if they don’t learn to get over whatever is causing the disharmony.


Wolf has so many reasons he should not be with Spencer. Some are valid, like his desire to be monogamous when Spencer is anything but; some are not, such as his fear that he isn’t good enough for Spencer. That is why Spencer decides they are better off as friends. Since no matter how hard he tries, no one but Spencer arouses him, Wolf leads a celibate life. After years of quelling his desire, Wolf and Spencer have one magical night in Milan. It shakes Wolf to his core, but instead of facing his feelings and trusting Spencer with them, he tells Spencer it was a mistake. Understandably, his behavior confuses and hurts Spencer, who secretly hoped that their rendezvous would open the door to something he had wanted since college; to be with Wolf. Instead of bringing them closer, it pulls them further apart. The animosity between them increases, and their friends are more confused than ever.


Spencer sees Wolf’s rejection as part of a game he is playing instead of his fear, so he gets back at Wolf in any way he can. He will not allow himself to give in a second time. For months, instead of admitting their feelings, Wolf and Spencer dance around each other. Whenever they get close to acknowledging their feelings, Wolf tells Spencer that being more than friends is a big mistake. Each time this happens, it breaks Spencer’s heart.


‘Beautiful Mistakes’ has more mystery, intensity, and depth than the other stories in the series. Wolf and Spencer are complex, damaged characters. The secrets they hide are dark and painful, so much so that they weren’t even able to tell their best friends. It’s incredible they functioned as well as they did and even more impressive that they finally came to terms with them. Thanks, Felice! I loved it!




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 226 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-August-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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