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Bayou des Enfants (Rougaroux Social Club 4) by Lynn Lorenz at Lorenz-Lane Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Shifters / Interspecies / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-September-2020

Book Blurb

It’s been nearly a year since Scott and Ted set up house together in St. Jerome. Life is good. Ted is trying to get his PI business off the ground with the occasional job and still painting for the gallery. Scott is alpha of the pack and sheriff of St. Jerome.

But Scott’s mother, Darlene Dupree, is not content. She wants grandkids and she wants them now. Taking matters into her own hands, Maman, as Scott and Ted call her, works her magic in the middle of the night next to the bayou.

Before Scott and Ted know it, they’re saddled with two boys. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if someone in the pack would take them in. But no one steps forward to claim them and Scott and Ted are left with a terrible choice, take in the kids themselves or give them up to CPS, where the boys can’t hide what they are – werewolves.

It’s the wrong time and the wrong kids. But the first rule of the pack is to protect the pack and there is no other choice to make.

First edition published by Loose Id, November 2014.

Second edition published by Hartwood Publishing, December 2018.

Book Review

'Rougaroux Social Club' is a wonderful, fun, and super sexy shifter series set in the bayous of Louisiana. I'm thrilled that in this fourth installment, the author has returned to Scott and Ted, who were the focus of the very first book in the series. I really wanted to revisit them, see where life has brought them, and, frankly, see what craziness Scott's mother is getting up to.

It’s one year after they met, and the yowza sparks are still flying like a twister with Scott and Ted. Scott can't believe how much he loves Ted, and it's not just the wolf and his mate bond, the man, also, is in love with Ted. So many changes for the both of them in the past year, and still feeling their way through a mating, means Scott has no patience when he finds out Maman has been out in the bayou "praying" for grandchildren. Scott's not sure when he and Ted will be ready for children, but it certainly isn't now. Whether it's his mother's praying, or Fate, it seems this new couple is in for a world of change.

I can't decide whether it's a cosmic joke, or just plain bad luck, but the young boys who are orphaned when their parents are killed in a car accident are the offspring of Wyatt, the pack member who challenged Scott for alpha a year ago. The same man who was a bully, and a hater, and, at least with his older boy, Charles, Wyatt seems to have groomed him well. The younger boy, Timmy, appears to have taken after his mother, and he's young enough that the damage may not be permanent from the hatred he heard at home. What a clusterf %#$!

“The older boy, Charles? Called me a fag.”
“What?” Ted’s voice dropped an octave. “You’re shitting me. To your face?”
“Yeah. I’m sure it’s what he’s heard from his father for the last year. Wyatt might not have worked against me in the pack, but he sure kept himself busy poisoning his son’s mind.”
“Makes sense. Kids aren’t born with that stuff. Hate is learned.”

This was even better than I expected, and my expectations were pretty high. I love how Scott and Ted handle being dads, and that everything didn't magically turn out perfectly. The boys are adorable, and easy to love. Another great book, Lynn, thank you!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 211 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-August-2020
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