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Bait (Circles 5) by Elizabeth Noble

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Agents/Spies / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 25-March-2020

Book Blurb

Tyler McCall made a mistake that cost him his job, his freedom and everything he’d worked for. Now he’s living in the Black Hills of Wyoming, working two jobs and doing his best to not dwell on what he’s lost.

Linden Bourne is a no-nonsense FBI agent. His hunt for a killer takes him to Wyoming, where he has questions for Tyler. Linden quickly realizes Tyler isn’t a suspect, but the next likely victim. 

When he and Tyler then become trapped by a blizzard in an empty inn near Devils Tower they discover they’re not alone. The killer has targeted Tyler and won’t let a little detail like an unexpected visit by the FBI stop what they’ve planned to do. Linden is completely out of his element, but he’s sworn to protect and that’s exactly what he plans to do: protect Tyler at all costs.

First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, November 2016.

Book Review

'Bait' is Elizabeth Noble's fifth book in her very exciting thriller series 'Circles'. In this book I'm revisiting characters I met briefly in the previous installment, Tyler and Linden. Tyler did a stupid thing when he was young and ruled by his hormones. He paid for his crime, not just by going to prison, but by never being allowed to use the degree he worked six years to get. Now he works at an Inn in the Black Hills of Wyoming. Linden is an FBI agent who was involved when Mason and Riece were running for their lives from the insane hunters in book four. Linden figures since Tyler sort of knows him it'll be a good idea to go and question him regarding these latest murders he's investigating where Tyler might be a suspect.

Julius, the murder victim, has two ex-boyfriends - but neither of them can be located… but Tyler is the only thing connecting all of them and that's why Linden is in Wyoming during a blizzard. Tyler recognizes Julius as one of his students way back when and it appears that one of Julius's exes, Dimas, is also the man Tyler was involved with and the reason he lost his job. Since Tyler and Linden are now looking at over three feet of snow, it's still coming down, and the inn is closed for renovations, this leaves the two of them alone with some hinky goings-on.

“Whoever is here is probably after me.” He took another deep breath. “So let’s trap that person. I’ll be the bait.”
“No.” Linden held up one finger. “That’s a bad, bad idea.”

Another scintillating mystery and thriller in the series. I was surprised by the identity of the killer but not by the reason. Although I was a wee bit disappointed that the reason wasn't something other than a trope as old as time, but I still enjoyed the story. I would have liked it to be longer but I definitely got a suspenseful read, and a sweet love story, so I'm satisfied.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 140 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-March-2020
Price $2.99 ebook
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