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Bad Behavior (Bad in Baltimore 5) by K.A. Mitchell at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Officers of the Law / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 07-August-2018

Book Blurb

In a life time of yes, no is the sexiest word he’s ever heard.


After one too many misunderstandings with the law, wealthy and spoiled David Beauchamp finds himself chained to the city by the GPS and alcohol sensor strapped to his ankle. Awaiting trial, cut off from usual forms of entertainment, he goes looking for a good time—and winds up with his hands full, in more ways than one. The situation only gets more complicated when he’s summoned for a random drug test and comes face-to-face with the dominant man who took him for one hell of a ride the night before.  


Probation Officer Tai Fonoti is used to handling other people’s problems, but he’s horrified when one of the extra clients his boss dumps on him is the sweet piece of ass he screwed the night before. It makes getting a urine sample a pretty loaded situation. Tai’s unique brand of discipline has Beach craving more. But while Tai relishes laying down the law in the bedroom, the letter of the law stands between them and kinkily ever after….



First edition published by Samhain Publishing, December 2014.

Book Review

David Beauchamp, Beach, has been the epitome of bad boy from the moment he made his first appearance in 'Bad Attitude'. A wealthy, arrogant, born with a platinum spoon in his mouth, and the rules don't apply to me, bad to the bone, baddest of them all bad boy. Personally, I think Beach desperately needs someone to take control, to give him focus, and to harness all that energy he uses to get into a lot of trouble with the law. It sounds to me as if Beach is going to meet his match in Officer Tai. I'm so glad I got to go along for the ride in K.A. Mitchell's fifth installment, 'Bad Behavior'.

“Want to tell me your whereabouts last night?”
“I would think you already know the answer to that, Officer Fonoti.” Beauchamp’s voice was amused....“Since our whereabouts happened to coincide so forcefully.”
Tai snapped a look at the man in the chair. No. No fucking way."

Beach discovers, very quickly, that he's unable to manipulate and use Tai like every other person he's ever met in his thirty-odd years. He also, very quickly, realizes that the inherent dominance and strength of character that Tai exudes, is a heady draw that Beach needs to experience. Tai isn't the first man who has been take-charge in Beach's bedroom, but he's the first man who quiets the static in Beach's head, and the first man Beach has wanted to please in order to get praise.

"He could hear his mentor’s advice. The sub always runs the show, but the fun and the skill lies in making both of you forget that. He needed all the help he could get, remembering that with David. His combination of submission and stubbornness pulled on Tai’s need to protect and control like the moon on the tide."

Oh, Beach has a lot to learn. He essentially knows nothing about a true D/s relationship. Besides that, his inner monologue, the one that has often gotten him into trouble, thinks there must be something seriously wrong with him if he wants to be treated this way. But David understands, even if Beach doesn't. And, let's face it people, Beach has a ton of issues he's hidden behind his 'party boy, irresponsible' facade. Beach doesn't understand his own thoughts and feelings, so how can he expect Tai to? Even more frightening is how much Tai's opinion of him matters, when no one else's ever has.

"Tai had thought he understood the dynamics of D/s. The trust. Power exchange. Control. But as his boy waited, Tai realized he’d missed the biggest part, though he’d claimed to be aware of it all along. David wasn’t only trusting him with his body, with sensation, with control over what he felt, but with who he was, with his soul."

'Bad Behavior' was everything I anticipated it being. The slow development of their D/s relationship was really enlightening, and I particularly enjoyed the lack of "props", so to speak. It was interesting to watch a BDSM relationship burgeon without an official dungeon or costumes. In my opinion, it was more realistic this way. Tai and Beach were both fascinating, strong, well written characters, which I enjoyed immensely. Thank you, KAM, I'll be looking forward to the next installment.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 330 pages/117632 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-August-2018
Price $6.99 ebook, $17.99 paperback, $17.99 bundle
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