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A Rhythm You Feel (The Rock Gods: East Coast Label 1) by Ann Lister at Rock Gods

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 04-October-2019

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As the lead singer of Hard Core, I’ve been taught several key life lessons. Unfortunately, I've also ignored many of them in the last twenty minutes alone, which is why I'm now being chased by a horde of crazed fans.

But my worst misjudgment today? Going outside in public without security or a backup plan. Screaming fans come with the job and the fame is as much of a blessing as it is a curse, but I still couldn't imagine doing any other line of work.

Music owns me and I am happy to be her bitch.


I knew who he was as soon as he burst through the front door of my store and I was absolutely starstruck and speechless. Yes, me with my own hardened attitude and jaded outlook on life had lost the ability to talk in the presence of Blade.

I'm an ex-con. I paid my debt to society, and I have my own brand of scars to show from the time I spent behind bars. My life's regrets stain my soul as much as the ink of my tattoos color my skin. Solace for me came with ownership of a bookstore. It was a peaceful place to work until a certain rockstar blew in from the street like a Category 5 hurricane.

Hurricane Blade was about to make landfall and I wasn't sure I'd survive the storm.

Book Review

“Like a melody... We were meant to be, but the best quality that's hookin' me is that you're loving me for me...You got my heart by just being who you are... It doesn't matter about the money I make or what I do, or that I'm a, huh, a star. Unconditionally you're there for me…” ~ Christine Aguilera (Loving Me for Me)

A major problem with being famous is knowing whether someone is interested in you for yourself or for what you can do for them. In a rage, Blade, of ‘A Rhythm You Feel’ by Ann Lister, runs out of a recording session and into the street without security. Immediately, Blade is recognized and is besieged by rabid fans. Desperate for somewhere to hide, he runs into a bookstore, seeking asylum. Nico, the store owner, recognizes him and quickly assesses the situation. Nico suggests that Blade run into his office and lock the door. When the fans follow Blade into the store, Nico diverts them out the back door.

Knowing he is going to get an earful, Blade calls his bodyguard, Ram, gives him Nico’s address, then nervously waits for him to get there. Blade is beyond grateful for Nico’s assistance and thanks him profusely. As a way of thanking him for his help, Blade offers to take him to dinner, but Nico tells him that it is not necessary. Blade is impressed that Nico would refuse his offer, when almost everyone else would have taken advantage of the situation. Nico also turns Blade down when he shows concern over the damage the mob has done and the cut on Nico’s head. When Blade’s bodyguard gets there, he is furious with Blade. He brings a liability release form that Blade needs to have Nico sign, which Nico does without question. When Blade leaves, he gives Nico his private cell number with a note saying for him to call anytime. Overwhelmed, Nico stares at the card, wondering in what universe he would be calling the famous rock star. Even more so, Nico understands why he would be in awe of Blade; he is famous, but why is he so physically attracted to him?

Not expecting to hear from Blade again, Nico is surprised when Blade turns up at his door the next evening, with two pizzas. He tells Nico that Ram would not agree to let him take Nico out so he is bringing dinner to him. They go up to Nico’s small apartment over the bookstore. The situation is so surreal that Nico wonders what in the world he is going to say or do. What he is not expecting is that Blade shares his attraction. Nico is amazed when the famous Blade continues to want to be with him, at least as friends. When Blade invites Nico to concerts, he is overjoyed and overwhelmed. He’s surprised at how well he begins to fit into Blade’s life and heart. Soon, they become much more than friends. Even though Nico has fallen for Blade, in the back of his mind, he wonders how long it will last.

Rocker stories are a favorite of mine, and this one did not disappoint. The rock star lifestyle is on full display, along with all the drug, sex, and rock n’ roll. I loved how Blade, being as audacious as he is, tempered his behavior to accommodate Nico’s sobriety. It showed how much Blade cared about him. I admired Nico for turning his life around and being true to himself, even when Blade made it difficult for him to do so. The sex was frequent and hot, yet respectful and loving. Thanks, Ann. I can hardly wait to see what these rockers get up to next.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 347 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-July-2019
Price $4.99 ebook, $17.99 paperback,
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