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A Plain, Ordinary Cowboy (Uncommon Cowboys 5) by Jan Irving at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Cowboys / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 17-April-2019

Book Blurb

Since he was hunted because he is different, Deputy Micah Danvers has lived a plain, ordinary, boring life until he rescues mysterious Sasha at a country fair—only problem is, the sexy minx who has shifter Micah tied up in knots isn’t a woman, but all man.

He was hunted because he is different. Now Deputy Micah Danvers is ‘normal’ at all costs. He left behind the wounded boy he used to be and he’s dating a nice woman. He’s got a good job and a ramshackle cabin to fix up.

But when plain ordinary cowboy Micah rescues exotic Sasha from bullies at a local fair, it turns out Sash isn’t a woman like he thought. Unconventional Sash is not afraid to stand out—he thrives on it from his nights of dancing around a fire in the nude to the rare breed sheep he’s trying to rescue from extinction. Shifter Micah aches for Sash, but he’ll have to leave the shadows to claim a man who is unafraid of tempting the wolf.



Publisher's note: This book was previously released by Pride Publishing (2011) and has been revised and reedited for rerelease.

Book Review

This fifth volume of the series doesn’t just have external battles, with the storyline continuing from the previous books, it adds a stronger than usual internal one as well. Fighting the past and the prejudice and incorrect conclusions that come from it isn’t easy. For Micah, who is suddenly confronted with several truths about himself he doesn’t want to accept, it is almost fatal.

Micah is not easy to like. He has a horrible past, which explains a lot of his behaviors, but it doesn’t excuse (in my eyes) some of what he does. Nor why he clings to his old mis-beliefs for as long as he manages. He ends up treating Sasha like crap. Yes, I also felt sorry for Micah, but, come on, he could have pulled his head out of his behind a little faster. All the more credit to Jan Irving, who managed to keep me angry at the guy and sorry for him at the same time.

Sasha is an amazing guy. He is so used to being hassled and verbally abused (as well as occasionally beaten up) that he doesn’t really expect anything else. Yes, he hopes for it, but, like so many in his situation, he doesn’t really believe it can happen. Sasha deserves every scrap of happiness he can get! Being one of the few humans in a town that seems to be overrun by werewolves also opens up a whole new world to him, but, with his trademark equanimity, he takes it all in stride.

Micah and Sasha seem like such a mismatched couple on the outside, but when I started to get to know them better as the story evolved, I got to see how perfect they really are for each other. I loved how Micah suddenly has someone to protect and how that teaches him a thing or two about being a partner. Sasha’s support changes from self-denying to loving, and that was a joy to watch. If you like shifter stories that focus on internal battles and the psychology of being different, if hot man-on-shifter action that gets a little wild here and there doesn’t bother you, and if you like this series, you will love this book.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novella, 100 pages/310832 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-December-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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